Wrought Iron Doors :: Exterior Hand Carved Doors :: Interior Solid Mahogany Doors

Wrought Iron Doors :: Exterior Hand Carved Doors :: Interior Solid Mahogany Doors

For most people, doors aren't something that are thought of very often: they are rarely a topic of conversation. Kids, families, money, health, work, even American Idol understandably take precedence over what to hang from your door frame. However, doors are a bit hard to avoid: they aren't something that you just can t have. Thinking about doors, or going one step above by actually purchasing doors, is a great way to enhance a home on many levels. Whether the doors are for the outside or the inside, they can improve you home s look, security, and value.

Take, for instance, wrought iron doors. To those not up to speed on door jargon, wrought iron doors are doors made of a special kind of iron: wrought iron.

Wrought iron dates back in history to a time when the world was changing. It became refined during the Industrial Revolution. For many blacksmiths and consumers, wrought iron is thought of as superior to other materials and even other types of iron. It not only is easy to work with and easy to mold, but it successfully resists corrosion as well.

The flexibility of wrought iron, or its ability to keep from corroding, is probably not that important to the average consumer. It s not something people generally think about. Still, wrought iron doors offer all kinds of benefits that all kinds of home owners might just find appealing.

Wrought Iron Doors and Durability

Wrought iron doors may add extra security, but the benefits don t stop there. They also add extra durability.

  • Wrought iron doors are strong. They aren't likely to be broken or impaired by harsh elements of the weather.
  • Wrought iron doors are resistant to termites. Unlike doors made of wood, iron doors aren't appealing to hordes of hungry termites.
  • Wrought iron doors enhance the exterior of your house. They leave your house looking more appealing, more protected, and more robust.
  • Wrought iron doors are likely to be good for life. Because they are made of quality iron, you receive a quality product.
  • Wrought iron doors can give your house that extra something that is needed when it comes time to resell. In this market, every little detail can help give you an edge on the market and the competition.

Wrought Iron Doors and Security

In this day and age, home security is on the mind of every home owner. There might not be a robber around every corner, but the old adage holds true: it s better to be safe than it is to be sorry (and better to have a house that is secure rather than one that is burglarized).

Installing wrought iron doors in your home offers the following protection:

  • Wrought iron doors are strong and sturdy. They aren't likely to bend, break, or fly open even when extreme pressure is applied.
  • They are virtually impossible to penetrate.
  • Wrought iron doors act as a good deterrent for would be robbers. A robber is more likely to leave your house alone if there are more obstacles they need to take in order to get in. Criminals are drawn to flimsy doors, not strong ones.
  • Even if someone still tries to break in, wrought iron doors will protect your home by adding extra protection. Rather than simply having one door to break through, robbers will have two.
  • Wrought iron doors are great for all areas of your house. Whether you want to enhance the security of your front door, your back door, your garage or even a separate building, such as a guest house or greenhouse, wrought iron doors are great for securing all areas of your home.
  • Wrought iron doors allow you to open the front door without leaving your home exposed. By keeping the iron door locked, you are able to speak with visitors without giving them a direct pathway into your home.

Exterior Hand Carved Doors

It doesn't take a blacksmith, a handyman, a craftsman, or a door designer to know that there are several types of doors. From aluminum to steel, from iron to wood, doors come made from all kinds of materials. While wrought iron doors offer the utmost protection and security, exterior hand carved doors can dramatically alter your house, giving it a whole new look.

The are several benefits to having exterior hand carved doors installed in your house. The most obvious is in the way they enhance the outside of your home, making it look much nicer. Consider the following:

  • Exterior hand carved doors give the outside of your home a warm, welcoming look. Simply replacing your front door with an exterior hand carved door can soften the look of your home, and enhance its artistry. These type of doors make older homes look more classic and newer ones look more unique.
  • Exterior hand carved doors are a great way to redecorate or give your home a facelift. Not only do they enhance the beauty of your home, but they also provide you with an easy way to upgrade your place of living. While other types of home decorating can be timely, involving repainting, taking down wallpaper, or reupholstering, installing a new door, or a few new doors, is a quick and easy process. It only takes a matter of moments, rather than a matter of weeks.
  • Exterior hand carved doors can further enhance the beauty of your landscaping. Many people spend thousands of dollars, not to mention thousands of hours, making sure the outside of their home is in mint condition. A hand carved door is a great way to make the outside of your house look even nicer. These types of doors perfectly complement gardens, rocks, and patios. They work well with simple landscaping and yard work that s complex.
  • Exterior hand carved doors can increase the resale value of your home. Because the outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see, an exterior hand carved door can leave them with a lasting, and hopefully persuasive, impression.

It's no secret that a nice looking door leads to a nice looking house, but this isn't all exterior hand carved doors are good for. Doors of this quality also make sense from a economical and practical perspective. These type of doors can also do the following:

  • Exterior hand carved doors are great insulators and great barriers. Not only does this mean the doors are doing their job, by actually keeping out wind, rain, and drafts, but this can also lead to a reduction in your heating or cooling bill. A drafty door will often leave your house too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. This can wreck havoc on your heating and air conditioning bills, leaving them higher than you thought possible. A non-drafty door will keep the proper air in, and the elements out.
  • Exterior hand carved doors are crafted not only with beauty and artistry in mind, but also with durability. These doors are designed to last a lifetime with proper refinishing.
  • Exterior hand carved doors are well sealed, which is helpful in not only keeping out weather elements, but also helping keep out bugs and other creepy crawly things.
  • Exterior hand carved doors are strong. Like iron doors, hand carved doors provide protection and security for your house. They are not easily broken and not easily forced open. They are beautiful on the outside and sturdy on the inside.

Interior Solid Mahogany Doors

Front doors, back doors, side doors, and garage doors all serve many purposes. They keep out unwanted things- such as wind, rain, and bugs- and they leave your home s exterior looking nice. But, the outside of your home is not the only place for doors. Not to be left out, the inside of your home needs doors too.

When it comes to your house, the inside is just as important as the exterior. This is where interior solid mahogany doors come into play. Interior solid mahogany doors are a great way to leave your house looking nice from the inside out. These type of doors can enhance your home a great deal. Consider the following:

  • Like exterior doors, installing interior solid mahogany doors are a great way to redecorate your home without all the hustle, bustle, and time consuming processes. Adding these doors in certain parts of your home, such as the master bedroom, the living room, or family room, can leave your interior more aesthetically pleasing. They are a quick way to make your house just a bit more beautiful. They are also long lasting, and one redecoration that is sure to stand the test of time.
  • Interior solid mahogany doors can provide your house with a more classic look. Because these doors are made from the finest wood and by the finest craftsman, installing these in your home is sure to leave your house looking warmer, more inviting, and more appealing.
  • Interior solid mahogany doors are a great way to increase the value of your home. Just like the upgrading of your exterior doors can increase value, so can upgrading on the inside. A home that is filled with upgraded doors, particularly when they are made out of beautiful mahogany, add a sense of appeal to a house that you aren't likely to find anywhere else.

While interior solid mahogany doors are a great way to make your house look nicer, they also serve practical purposes. Consider the following:

  • Interior solid mahogany doors are true to their name: they are solid. While an interior door does not need to keep out things like wind and rain, sturdiness is still important. These door are strong and made to last a lifetime, and great for things like closets, where a lot of opening and shutting is sure to occur on a daily basis.
  • Interior solid mahogany doors provide you, and your family, with a sense of privacy. Thin and weak doors are known to leak, allowing voices and noise to travel. With a solid door, you are able to keep voices in.
  • Interior solid mahogany doors, in addition to keeping certain noises in, are also able to keep certain noises out. This keeps you from having to overhear extraneous noise, such as your teenager s blaring heavy metal music or the TV show your husband insists on watching at two a.m.

Both exterior and interior doors, whether made of iron, made of wood, or made of something completely different, serve many purposes. Ideally, the best doors have durability, security, longevity, and visual appeal.

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