1 Lite White Primed Square Sticking Door- ESF1

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  1 Lite White Primed Square Sticking Door- ESF1

1-Lite Frosted Iron Glass (1-3/4" thick)
12" X 80"=$349
24" X 80"=$499
28" X 80"=$499
30" X 80"=$499
32" X 80"=$499
36" X 80"=$499
12" X 84"=$449
24" X 84"=$599
28" X 84"=$599
30" X 84"=$599
32" X 84"=$599
36" X 84"=$599
12" X 96"=$449
24" X 96"=$599
28" X 96"=$599
30" X 96"=$599
32" X 96"=$599
36" X 96"=$599


Widths Available
 1/0, 2/0, 2/4, 2/6, 2/8, 3/0 (12", 24", 28", 30", 32", 36")

Single Interior:     Add $69 for an interior single pre-hung unit in finger-joint pine paint grade jambs

Double Interior:  Add $138 for an interior double pre-hung unit in finger-joint pine paint grade jambs.

Single Exterior:   Add $215 for an Exterior Single Door pre-hung unit in finger-joint pine paint grade jambs.

Double Exterior: Add $365 for an  Exterior Double Door pre-hung unit in finger-joint pine paint grade jambs.

The iron in these doors is inlaid in between two pieces of glass. The overall thickness of the glass is 3/4", which makes it very sound and climate efficient. Our 1 Lite White Square Sticking doors are doubled primed with the highest quality primer available providing the smoothest finish in the industry today.  These White Primed doors are Exterior Grade and can be used for interiors as well. Our unique integral construction design eliminates the risk of  stile and rail separation.

Don't be misled by our competitive pricing (we are able to keep our pricing down by selling a large quantity of door everyday!). These doors are great for bars, wine rooms, patios, balconies, bedrooms or entry entrances.


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