Mahogany 1-Lite Dual Tempered Clear Glass (Grand 9-0 ft)

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Mahogany 1-Lite Dual Tempered Clear Glass (Grand 9-0 ft)

1 Lite Solid Mahogany French Door (2-1/4") 
30" X 108"=$799
36" X 108"=$899
42" X 108"=$999
48" X 108"=$1399
** All doors are 2-1/4" thick.


All of our Mahogany French Doors include dual clear glass with a tempered bug.  These French Mahogany doors are Exterior Grade and can be used for interiors as well. Our French doors are the highest quality available in the market today. While many of our competitors have sacrificed quality by turning to MDF/Veneer door constructions to reduce production costs we at ETO Doors have kept quality as our primary concern.

The door you are viewing is truly solid. The stiles and rails are 100% solid Brazilian mahogany wood. Our Brazilian Mahogany is very carefully selected and is superior to other forms of mahogany in the market today. Don’t be misled by our competitive pricing (we are able to keep our pricing down by selling a large quantity of door everyday!). These doors are great for front, patio, balcony or bedroom entrances.

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