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Welcome to our customer photo gallery page. We would like to thank all of our customers that have sent beautiful photos of Buy Wood Doors in use in their homes.

We would appreciate your photos to be e-mailed to us at to help future customers with their selections.


Buy Wood Doors was featured in this commercial for Bing--funny, with great design! (January 02, 2009).


Customer Testimonials

1) Janice Z. St. From Clair Shores, MI

I just wanted to say we received the door, have finished it and just hung it earlier this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your help in placing our order (January 02, 2009).

2) Paula G. From Santa Rosa, CA

Thanks for your email and phone call. After I sent my request for a quote to you I went back a page and, lo and behold, there was my instant quote with the cost for the pre-hung double doors. I can't remember the style number but the doors are Mahogany, the design was simple and the price was $289 each and it was like an additional $460 on top of the cost per door for the pre-hung double door set. So, I did get the information I needed and was very impressed with not only the instant quote but also your excellent customer service. My husband and I are building a new home and have been looking at exterior doors on the internet. Yours is the only company website that I saved as a favorite because you have the most beautiful doors, a fabulous selection and outstanding prices. I am very confident that when the time comes to purchase our doors you will be hearing from us. We anticipate having our house built to a shell within the next 5-6 months. Once again, thank you for your prompt response and we will be in touch.


Paula G (January 13, 2009).

3) Edward G. From San Francisco, CA

First, I think your website is extremely helpful. You all do an excellent job. We also visited you over a year ago--and yes our house is still in the planning stage--budget, budget, budget. But your door prices are unmatchable (January 20, 2009).

4) Sally D.

I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the mahogany doors we ordered from you, they are really beautiful. The house if dry walled now and I put a natural stain on them and the color and grain just popped brilliantly, everyone who comes in comments on the doors and how nice they look and the great quality they are (January 21, 2009).

5) Betty H.

Hi Errol: Well today was better than Christmas for me. My doors have safely arrived at 9:00 am today. I have not opened all of them yet, just the large door so far. It is beautiful, I almost feel like it should have a name. The long journey it has had from start to finish. My son has suggested it be known as "Errol". I want to thank you, Mike and your team for all that you did to make this happen. So, thank you for keeping it real. Your good people. (February 09, 2009).

6) Mark V.

Compliment: We want to thank Wendy and the Staff at ETO. We just finished renovating our phase 1 of a Hancock Park Spanish revival bungalow. We used the arched two panel doors for the interior and they look great. We will be back to replace our front door to complete the look. (February 12, 2009).

7) Wendy

I had my door installed in April and I have been meaning since then to e-mail you. The door is stunning and I get so many compliments on it. It would add elegance to any home. From the time of shopping on line with your co. till the door was received everything was a pleasure. Thank You!

8) Rey A.

The door arrived and it is installed. I just wanted to say it is absolutely gorgeous and that it exceeded my expectations. Cheers, Rey (August 20, 2009)

9) Michelle B.

Just wanted to let you know the door is great and we are so happy. Really makes the wine cellar entrance elegant. We will be in touch to order for clients soon. Michelle B. (August 31, 2009)

10) Linda M.

Just got installed, finished etc. love it. Thanks, Linda (October 21, 2009)

12) Kendra A.

Happy 2010! May it be a prosperous one for you and yours. My door has arrived safely on St. Maarten. It is yet to be installed - however even in the packaging it is gorgeous! Thank you so much for your professional assistance. (January 15, 2010)

13) Mark S.

Angela,I recieved my door as scheduled with the shipping company.The door is absolutely beautiful and exactly what I wanted.The finishing instructions are perfect also,especially for such a fine door as this.Thanks for all you do at ETO doors. (January 18, 2010)

14) Mikhail G.

Hi Helen! I'm writing you this e-mail to thank everybody who was involved in the ordering, manufacturing and shipping my new door. The whole process was really pleasurable and easy. I was worry about ordering something like that on the internet, but my worries are gone now after this beauty is installed ! It came undamaged, on time and now, stained in the dark cherry, gave my house a new, way better look. Everybody is admiring it ! Thanks again - Mikhail G. (February 4, 2010)

14) Adil G.

Many thanks for everything. Really I am so glad for dealing with you. I bought through Ebay the 8 ft door. Here are some pictures of it, in my house, standing tall and gorgeous. Again my sincere appreciation for you. Best regards Adil G. (February 15, 2010)

15) Tom P.

Referencing product: Knotty Alder Interior doors. Dear ETO: We have our whole door package installed and have moved into the house. The doors turned out great, we love them and would buy again. Great Company, great service, great doors, great prices. Thanks a bunch. (March 4, 2010)

16) Michael A.

Just received the Entrance Doors. You were exactly right when you said the pictures did not do them justice. I can't wait to see them after we get the sealed. Totally Awesome! (March 10, 2010)

17) Debra P.

I love my new mahogany front doors--Moderno--is the style we chose. They are high quality, they were an excellent price, they were shipped as described and we had no problems at all. We are now going to buy interior doors from ETO as well! (April 7, 2010)

18) Dorothy T.

Received door yesterday. I am so excited . It'll be lovely after the bronze branch handle is attached. Thanks for the quick service.(April 22, 2010)

19) Don S.

Doors arrived this morning in fine shape. They look great. Thanks for your outstanding service. (May 18, 2010)

20) Art W.

Doors are here and they look great! We are professional finishers and we will send you a picture when they are done. Thanks again and we will recommend you to others." (June 14, 2010)

21) Jacquelyn E.

I was really excited to receive these doors because the amount of customer service that all three of you ladies provided me was stellar, and quite frankly, extremely impressive.(June 16, 2010)

22) Dorsey D.


23) John R.

The frames and doors went together perfectly. My wife and I finished them and hung them ourselves. The doors look great!(July 1, 2010)

24) Candace M.

I want to let you know you have a life long customer for providing such excellent customer service. My contractor is even extremely impressed with how swift this issue was resolved and will be recommending you to his other clients. It's nice to know that some companies still value the importance of customer service and realize that can make all the difference in the world in these trying economic times.(July 6, 2010)

25) Russ R.

I got the trim piece today - it's the right one !!! Thanks so much for your efforts to make this right. I ran my own business for over 20 years and tried to impress on my employees that there would always be mistakes. No matter how hard you try, there will be things that go wrong. The key to your customers satisfaction is in how you deal with the problems. Always let the customer know that you understand how inconvenient it is for them, and how sorry you are that the mistake occured but that you are going to make it right no matter what. The situation actually presents an opportunity to show how good your customer service and follow up really is. A customer who went through a successfully resolved problem often could become your biggest advocate. It's certainly the case in this instance - both you and Eval stuck with it until you achieved a successful resolution. I will not hesitate to recommend ETO Doors. A couple of people have already asked where we got the beautiful door. I did not hesitate to recommend your company - especially your customer service. Please pass this on to Eval so he knows I got the right trim and all is well. Thank you both very much.(July 22, 2010)

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