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Why Custom Doors

With the past year dominated by the bad news of layoffs and plunging stocks, people have had to alter their way of living. Rather than going on shopping sprees, people are shopping for bargains. Rather than cutting loose, people are cutting more coupons. Rather than spending money on home improvement, people are spending money on things that can t wait, things like breakfast food and laundry detergent. In times like these, custom doors are probably the furthest thing from your mind.

But, as they say, the times are a changing. What goes down (as in virtually every stock in your portfolio) must also go up and as the nation starts to rebound from its recession, you might just find yourself seriously considering home improvement. Suddenly, custom doors are something you find yourself actually thinking about.

Custom doors are doors handcrafted and made specifically for you. Rather than simply installing a run of the mill door, custom doors allow you to participate in the design process. Purchasing a custom door gives you a chance to decorate both the inside and the outside of you house in a manner that you see fit.

The advantage to installing custom doors in your house are many. Consider the following:

  • Custom doors give you the opportunity to express your home s individuality.
  • No one wants their house to look like every other house on the block.
  • Perhaps you want the same custom door for every room of your house or maybe you want several different custom doors.
  • Whatever you are looking for, custom doors can help you find it.
  • Installing custom doors gives you the ability to get specifically what you want.
  • Maybe you absolutely hate doors made of glass or maybe you have your heart set on every door being made of mahogany or pine.
  • Custom doors allow you to play with the exterior, as well as the interior of your home, making sure the appropriate types of doors (such as an iron front door) are in the appropriate places.

Custom doors are a great addition to any house and a simple, affordable way to engage in a little home improvement.

Ordering Custom Doors

Custom doors are simple to order. The process involves you selecting a few key parts, such as general design, wood type, size, accents and dimensions, and the craftsman take it from there. They use their talents to provide you a design sure to fit your ideal. You aren't alone in the process: there are professionals here to help you.

Custom doors are built to last. Those involved with the execution of your custom doors are professional wood makers: they build doors that are sturdy, strong, and visually appealing.

Custom doors allow you to choose from a variety of woods. These include pine, cherry, maple, and fir, just to name a few. They also allow you to choose no wood at all, opting instead for doors made of iron or glass. You can choose something simple, or something a little more elegant. The choice is one thing: yours! Custom doors allow you to play around with sizes and shapes. While many doors in your house may be the standard size, you may be in need of a door that is not the typical dimensions. Perhaps you need a smaller door for your child s play house or a bigger door for entry to your backyard deck. Whatever size you are looking for, a custom door will surely be a perfect fit.


Custom doors are a great addition to any house. But, when it comes time to sell, custom doors can also help your home s resale value. Consider the following:

  • Custom doors give you the opportunity to remember the details.
  • When it comes to selling your house, details really begin to matter.
  • There are dozens and dozens of accents that can complement your doors.
  • Custom doors can help you create architectural chemistry throughout your house, making your entire home more appealing

Finding Your Way Towards the Best Discount Doors

No matter which way you spin it, chances are that time has gotten to your house. Your home is no longer the brand new pad it was when you bought it back in the early 1990's. The paint is chipping, the carpet is stained, the doors are hanging by a splinter, the roof is leaking when it s not caving in, the lawn is being taken over by weeds, even your refrigerator has started to turn on you. No matter how hard it is, it s up to you to admit it: your house is in some dire need of home improvement.

Unfortunately for the home owner, home improvement can be rather costly. Installing hardwood floors, buying new appliances, patching your roof, finishing your basement, or even redoing your backyard is a sure way to cause yourself a good amount of debt. But, there is a bright side: not all types of home improvement has to cost you an arm, a leg, and the deed to your car. Take, for instance, discount doors.

Discount doors are a great way to improve your house without great cost or great effort. Consider the following advantages:

  • Discount doors are an affordable alternative to standard priced doors.
  • With comparable quality and craftsmanship, purchasing discount doors provides you with the ability to save money without forfeiting any type of value.
  • Discount doors allow you the opportunity to buy more.
  • Because of their affordability, you can replace all the doors in your house, rather than simply one or two doors at a time.
  • This allows you to not only knock all your home improvement off at once, but it also gives you the chance to make sure all your doors are uniform in appearance and age.
  • Discount doors are quick and easy to install.
  • Unlike other types of home improvement, such as a new paint job or an overhaul of your landscaping, hanging new doors is a project that can be done in a matter of minutes, not a matter of days or a matter of months.
  • Discount doors are strong and efficient. They keep out things like bugs, wind, rain, the cold, and the heat. This helps reduce your heating and air conditioning costs and ultimately saves you money.

Once you've decided to purchase discount doors, you might just find that your house rewards you by being more visually appealing. Consider the following:

Discount doors are a cheap, easy, and effective way to give your home a little bit of a facelift.

Double Entry Doors

So, you've lived in your house for one year, ten years, fifteen years, maybe even twenty. No matter how long, you've decided on one thing: you are definitely ready for a change. Maybe this change is something as simple as painting your dark blue living room a shade of soft yellow. Maybe it means installing a swimming pool in the backyard, and appeasing your children and the neighbors in the process. Perhaps it even means turning your unfinished basement into an exquisite game room or movie theater. Whatever change means to you, one thing worth considering is the installation of double entry doors. Double entry doors are an easy way to obtain the change you desire.

Now, let s backtrack for a moment: we understand that doors are fairly easy to overlook. When it comes to remodeling, double entry doors probably aren't exactly your number one priority. Instead, you tend to focus on things that are more commonly fixed, things like flooring or exterior lighting. But, double entry doors can actually accentuate your house in ways you probably never realized. Consider the following advantages:

  • Double entry doors are different from regular single entry doors. Unlike the latter, where the door opens only on one side, double entry doors open in the middle, expanding the doorway and making the entrance a little more grand, a little more open, and a little more elegant.
  • Double entry doors apply a sense of sophistication to your home. They are ideal for places like the main entrance, the dining room, the living room, or the master bedroom and master bathroom.
  • Double entry doors leave your house looking and feeling more open, more airy, and better lit. They help relieve your home of a sense of restriction.
  • Double entry door, because they enlarge your doorway, are ideal for times of moving large items, such as a couch, a mattress, or a piano.
  • Double entry doors are an easy way to improve your home. The installation process is quick, affordable, and simple. Hanging a double entry door is a lot easier than repaving the driveway or refinishing the attic.

Double entry doors are great to enjoy while you own your home. But, like other types of new doors, they can also help the resale value.

Whether you choose double entry doors, custom doors, or discount doors to improve your home, brand new doors can make an old house appear a little bit younger. They are a great way to engage in a little home improvement without having to spend too much time, too much money, or too much hassle. They make your house more appealing while you live there and they might just prove helpful when it s time to sell.

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